De’Feel Art Market @ 21/01/2018

Last weekend, I had joined the local art market – De’Feel Art Market, which was held at Taman Seri Austin, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

This is my 2nd time join the market, compare to previous experience, I can be more prepare well to the market. Although I had not much products show in the market compare with other crafters, but I’m really excited to show off my handmade to the attendance.

I’m so happy to have chance to meet others crafters, they really talent and full of passion on their crafts. We had exchange experience and story, really feel great that we are not alone in this fields.

Here are some of my “babies”:

Minimalist wallet, made with cotton fabric and with stylish snap button

Tote bag and framed purse

Pretty cosmetics purse

Handmade cloth hat, Adult & Child size as pair.

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Hello 2018

Hi all, I’m Joey. I had stop blogging for few years, due to busy on job and take care my LO.

This brand new 2018, I try to pick up all my handmade passion, and start writing blog again, to record down my handmade journey and sometime my life story.

Last year November, I had joined my very first time art market- De’Feel Art Market. This art market just started at November 2017, there is no related to any commercial party, few of crafters organize this by volunteer. The purpose is hope to let more people know the crafters which from our area. It will held the market once every 2 months.

The coming 20th of January is our 2nd Times market, I’m so excited, and happy to know more other crafters. I’m still busy on working, although I not much quantity of products to be make, but I still try my best to make them.

Counting down… 20/01/2018 #defeelartmarket

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5 of them are the new item to be show up at the market. I love this Wallet when I first see this. This pattern was from {noodlehead} pattern– the minimalist wallet.

Beside this, I also prepared this Scotty dog pillow for the market lucky draw section.

Next round market will be happen at March 2018. I already have the idea for next round market.

Hope you have a great Thursday !